Local News Thursday, June 6


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24HOPKINS COUNTY 0603 The Madisonville police are charging a man with assaulting and strangling his sister.  She phoned the police during the midnight hour on Monday.  They discovered the residence on Island Ford Road had items thrown everywhere.  The woman says 38-year-old Jaron Owens also pulled a C-O-2 pistol that looked real.  The police located Owens across the street hiding next to a building.

16MADISONVILLE 0604 The man who had been roaming Baptist Health Deaconess property is under arrest.  Randal Johnson had been warned to leave the property.  When Johnson  was spotted on Clinic Drive an hour later, the police arrested him and transported him to the county jail.

18WESTERN KENTUCKY  0605 The National Weather Service is out with information on the big storm of May 26th.  It produced a record-shattering 255 miles of tornado damage across a 58-county area.  There were 7 different tornadoes that were on the ground for at least 19 miles.  

16WEBSTER COUNTY 0605 Webster County Emergency Management says a utility company is patrolling power transmission lines in Western Kentucky.  The low flying white and blue helicopter will be in Hopkins County near the Anton airport, as well as in Webster, McLean, and Muhlenberg counties.

0606 43KENTUCKY 0409 This is the 20th year for the 400-mile-sale.  It’s a yard sale extending across the Commonwealth on U-S 68 that distinguishes itself by having a website where venders can list what they’re selling and the days they will be there.  Spokesperson Terra Hall says the 400 mile Sale website and Facebook page are rich with details.

Terra Hall 0409b…17″…to eat.

The dates are June 6th to th 9th.

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Today:   Sunny and 83

46MADISONVILLE 0604 The search for a suspect with a warrant is what led the M-P-D to make some arrests.  Upon arriving at a residence on Whittington Drive, a resident appeared suspicious when he opened the front door and quickly returned inside after seeing the cops. Once inside, the officers noticed meth and drug paraphernalia.  27-year-old Chloe Coyer began screaming and refused to get into the police cruiser.  Due to her unwillingness to follow the officer’s instructions, she was pepper sprayed.  She continued hitting her head against the vehicle after arriving at the jail and had to be placed in a chair.  Also arrested was Braxton Hayes.  Hayes faces the same charges: possession of marijuana and meth, as well as drug paraphernalia.

39GREENVILLE 0605 The Greenville police have a suspect in the hit and run of a pedestrian on Saturday, the 1st.  48-year-old James Hays is believed to have hit Autumn Cummings on Opportunity Way based on security video from several businesses and churches.  It’s believed Hays was allegedly operating the Nissan Xterra northbound on Opportunity Way.  The police say Hays stopped at Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts at 724 Opportunity Way after striking Cummings.  On Tuesday afternoon, the police initiated a traffic stop on Paradise Street.  Parts of the vehicle located at the collision scene were matched to damage on the vehicle.

24HOPKINS COUNTY 0605 The senator representing Hopkins County in Frankfort has a new position.  Robby Mills says he is glad that Senate President Robert Stivers has appointed him to serve as the Senate Chairperson of the Kentucky Housing Task Force. During the 2024 Interim, this task force will hear from housing crisis experts.  Senator Mills is hoping the task force can formulate some solutions.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate