Local News Wednesday, June 5


Today:   Showers and 81

41HOPKINS COUNTY 0604 Hopkins is one of the four counties that will be receiving funding to build affordable rental housing.  Governor Andy Beshear says it’s intended to address the housing shortage that was impacted by the tornadoes this year and in 2021.

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It’s being reported that Dawson Springs will receive funds for 88 multi-family units.   Madisonville will get 32.

38MADISONVILLE 0603 The local narcotics unit and the state police say a fentanyl drug trafficking organization in Madisonville is coming down.  Arrested is 21-year-old Robert Daugherty of Slaughters.  He’s considered a major supplier of counterfeit fentanyl pills. Last month, detectives seized counterfeit fentanyl from 18-year-old Jayla Western.  She had purchased them from Julio Rivera of Madisonville.  Also arrested  was 19-year-old Juwon Smith of Dawson Springs.   The volume of fentanyl retrieved had the potential of producing an estimated 23-hundred overdoses.

15MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0530 The Muhlenberg County Humane Society is getting some help.  the Kentucky Humane Society will transfer 40 animals to their east campus in Louisville until repairs in Greenville are completed.  Muhlenberg says they still have over 60 animals in their shelter that need help.

17MADISONVILLE 0604 One of the state track and field champions is a student at Madisonville North.  Trashaun Smith won the High Jump with a leap of 6 feet, 8 inches.   He also won the Long Jump, sailing 22 feet.   Trashaun Smith also placed 5th in the Triple Jump.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.



Today:   Showers and 81

24HOPKINS COUNTY 09604 One point continues to be made in regards to the cleanup operation following the tornado:  more volunteers are needed.  The new command post in Dawson Springs is the Landmark Apostolic Church at 590 Industrial Park Road.   That’s where volunteers check in and get their assignments.  A common problem is removing the trees that fell on homes.  

19MADISONVILLE 0604 A Madisonville woman is being charged with assault and strangulation.  41-year-old Jennifer Coleman was arrested Friday night.  The police say she was in a fight in an apartment on East North Street.  Coleman’s victim had a variety of injuries.  There was evidence on the property of the fight.  The name of the victim is not yet released.

32MADISONVILLE 0603 The MPD is reporting the arrest of two Madisonville men who were observed burglarizing a business Sunday morning at 3:30.  44-year-old Eric Harris and 43-year-old Christopher Blair were carrying
bundles of copper pipe from the Exotic Florist lawn on South Main.  They were appredended after a short chase.  The copper pipe had been stolen from the old Praire Farms Milk Company on McLeod Lane where the police found a large door was open and the wet footprints matched the shoes of Harris and Blair.

19KENTUCKY 0603 The committee season is about to begin with our state lawmakers.  In Frankfort, Keith West reports.

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17HOPKINS COUNTY 0603 Hopkins County is grateful to the jail road crews for their work on Tire Amnesty Day.  Every three years, the state sponsors the event that allows citizens to get rid of as many old tires as they like at no charge. Three of the county’s road crews participated.  

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.