Local News Monday, June 3


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20HOPKINS COUNTY 0601 To better serve Hopkins County, there is now a new volunteer command center.  The Hopkins County Long Term Recovery Committee  says that location is in Dawson Springs at the Landmark Apostolic Holiness Church at 5-90 Industrial Park Road.  Volunteers checks in at 8  and return by 4 o’clock to go through check-out.

28MADISONVILLE 0531 In Hopkins County the grand jury says two people are facing meth trafficking charges.  The Madisonville-Hopkins County Vice Narcotics Unit say 34-year-old Corey Civils of Madisonville was the main supplier of crystal methamphetamine and 43-year-old Heather Larkins of Providence was a member of organization.   Their investigation began in January.  Since then, authorities have seized about 9 pounds of crystal meth from Civils and Larkins.  

23HOPKINS COUNTY 0513 Hopkins County’s crime figures are low compared to many locations. County Executive Jack Whitfield believes the close relationship the city has with the county has helped .  

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16MADISONVILLE 0524 In Madisonville, the Annexation and Zoning Committee will meet this afternoon.  They will discuss the property on Moorland Avenue owned by Charles Brandon that is to be brought into the city limits.  The 4 o’clock meeting will be in Council Chambers Conference Room at 77 North Main.

17EVANSVILLE 0601 A Muhlenberg County man is credited with saving the life of a fawn on the Western Kentucky Parkway.  While cleaning up trees,  the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reported on their Facebook page that Nathan Hawkins prevented the baby deer from crossing the parkway on Friday.

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Today:   Mostly Sunny and 87

33HOPKINS COUNTY 0601 Details about the fatal Hopkins County crash are now available.  Transportation officials say Justin Hilt of Dawson Springs hit a Hopkins County Road Department truck head-on in his 2004 Volkswagen Jetta.  The crash occurred on Thursday night on Kentucky 70 as Hilt was attempting to pass. The truck driver was 29-year-old Jacob Adams.  It happened near mile marker 16.  Justin R. Hilt was 38-years-old. The investigation is underway by an Accident Reconstructionist Technician.

23MADISONVILE 0531 A call about a suspious person is what led to her arrest by the Madisonville police.  50-year-old Devonna Hutchins of Madisonville was arrested on Thursday night at 10:30 on Chickasaw Drive.  The police say she was walking around the property with a flashlight looking into houses.  The officer reports that Hutchins did not have a driver’s license or auto insurance.

15HOPKINS COUNTY 0601 In Hopkins County, the board of education meets this afternoon at 5:30.  It will be held at the Career and Technology Center at 17-75 Patriot Drive.  Danco Construction will provide an update on their construction projects.

36KENTUCKY 0531 Kentucky Congressman James Comer says Americans are angry about this two-tiered system of justice that allows the politically connected to operate above the law. On Fox Business, Mr. Comer said that President Joe Biden and his allies have abused their power and he will continue to work to hold the Biden Administration accountable.

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