Local News Thursday, May 30


Today:   Sunny and 77

25HOPKINS COUNTY 0529 Returning the power to Hopkins and Muhlenberg counties is priority one.  Kentucky utilities has over 300 linemen on the job.  Kentucky Utilities says the two counties had 50 utility power poles broken and 300 power lines down.  Statewide,  over 180-thousand customers of LG&E and Kentucky utilities were impacted by Sunday evening’s storm.

12MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0529 We are learning more about Sunday night’s storms.  The National Weather Service says a small tornado damaged the Beechmont area.  So far, no deaths can be attributed to the storm in Muhlenberg.

10KENTUCKY 0529 This is for SNAP recipients.  If you lost food due to the power shortage, visit the local food stamp office, or give them a call.  You have 10 days to submit a replacement form.

31MADISONVILLE 0506 Madisonville’s finance supervisor says the health of the city looks good.  Diana Phillips says cash on hand is a significant aspect.  

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Phillips says a city’s financial condition is related to its bonding capacity.

26MADISONVILLE 0529 The new president of the Ohio Valley League is a Madisonville resident.  Attorney Will Cox has been involved with the Miners management team for a several years.  He says the reduction of teams from 12 to 5 is bringing the league back to is roots.  Two or three of the teams are hoping to re-join the league next year.  The O-V-L is a wooden bat league for college players.  It’s Hopkins County’s only college sports competition.

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Today:   Sunny and 77

32HOPKINS COUNTY 0528 Like other groups at this time, the Hopkins County Long Term Recovery Committee is helping to meet our community’s needs.  They are asking for donations.  Large donations should be delivered to the Government Center on North Main.  Smaller donations can be dropped at the command center in Dawson Springs.  That’s across from the Ideal Market.  Smaller donations can also be left at Charleston Baptist Church, and in Madisonville at the First Christian Church. First Christian is also collecting clean up items today from 8 until 4.  

9MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0529 They think the 3-year-old girl who died in Greenville on Tuesday morning drowned.  She was found in a creek behind the Cherry Street residence.  More details are expected soon.

33MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0529 County officials are out with instructions on how to dispose of storm debris.  They suggest that tree debris be placed at the edge of their property near the right of way.  The debris should not block the road or ditches to avoid flooding issues.  Emergency Management Director Nick Bailey speaks about today’s challenges.

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20WEBSTER COUNTY 0516 The Webster County Schools say there are four summer feeding locations.  The service at the Webster County Annex is underway. Details about the program are on the Facebook page of the Webster County Schools.  The Summer Feeding program in Muhlenberg County lists all of the locations on the Muhlenberg County Public Schools Facebook page.    

18MADISONVILLE 0529 The state says more work will be done on  section of I-69 in Hopkins County.   In March base repair work was conducted between mile markers 105 to 107.  Guardrails and drainage issues are being addressed in the same stretch.  The works should be completed in November.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.