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39HOPKINS COUNTY 0528 Returning things to normal in Hopkins County following Sunday evening’s tornado means restoring power and water service.  Nick Bailey is the county’s Emergency Management Director.

Nick Bailey 0528b…13″…takes time.

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Nick Bailey 0528d…12″…restoration time.

22HOPKINS COUNTY 0528 In Hopkins County, Sunday evening’s storm is responsible for one death.  The county coroner says 48-year-old Sandra Eckard of Dawson Springs passed away due to multiple blunt force trauma suffered during the storm.  Eckard was killed south of Earlington along Carbondale Road.  Officials say Eckard’s husband is hospitalized with critical injuries.

23BARNSLEY 0528 For the second time in less than three years, Barnsley is recovering from a tornado.  Some mobile homes were tossed over 100 feet and smashed against other houses.  This time no one was killed. One family that sought shelter came back to find that their home had been ripped off its foundation.  On Monday, the community discovered their streets were covered with debris.

20MADISONVILLE 0529 Just like the December 2021 tornado, there are rules to follow for disposal of the debris.  It should be placed along the curb.  It should not be placed in the road on block access to the property.  Some items should NOT be placed outdoors.  This includes large appliances, construction materials, and hazardous  waste.

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Today:   Sunny and 76

52MADISONVILLE 0528 The National Weather Service is now saying that an E-F 3 tornado touched down in Hopkins County on Sunday evening.   Around 40 homes were either damaged or completely destoyed. Water service and electricity is being restored as quickly as possible.  Madisonville Mayor Kevin Cotton says it tracked just north of Dawson Springs into the Illsly area.

Kevin Cotton 0528a…6″…tornado…

Nick Bailey is the county’s Emergency Management Director.

Nick Bailey 0528a…16″…2021.

One person lost her life.  Sandra Eckard was 48.

40MADISONVILLE 0528 A complaint about a couple walking down the street last Friday in Madisonville with a baby stroller is what led to their arrest.  The caller said they seemed to be intoxicated.  When the police located Thomas Parker, Tiffany McCord, and their baby in an abandoned house, Parker ran from the officers.  After speaking with McCord, the police found drugs, drug paraphernalia and baby medication.  The officers discovered that the baby was sitting on a pile of live maggots in the stroller.  Parker was arrested on an outstanding warrant. He is also facing a wanton endangerment charge as well as drug trafficking, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

20HOPKINS COUNTY 0528 The Hopkins County Humane Society is out with an emergency request.  Officials discovered a hoarding case of 28 dogs. Since the shelter is at capacity, they are asking for donations pet food to offset this strain on their resources.  The humane society is at 22-10 Laffoon Trail.

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