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Today:   SUNNY AND 87

38MADISONVILLE 0518 The Madisonville police say the reckless driver who resisted arrest is facing a number of charges, including trafficking in a controlled substance. The 25-year-old Newburgh resident was arrested on Thursday but not before she hit 90 miles an hour on I-69, which included forcing another driver to run partially off the road.  The police dog found drugs inside Camlynn Oglesby’s Chrysler 200.   As the officers were searching her car, Oglesby took off running but was tackled before she could run into the path of some passing cars.  Oglesby faces 6 charges.

19MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0517 In Muhlenberg County, two high school teachers are on suspension for the way they broke up a fight betweeen two students.  The incident occurred on Thursday, May 9th.  The two are on temporary paid suspension.  Channel 44 is reporting that the students who witnessed the incident say the teachers followed proper procedures.

28KENTUCKY 0409 In its first decade, Kentucky‚Äôs juvenile justice reform law is getting results.  Richard Mendel of The Sentencing Project says the goals of alternative programs are to ensure that the young person is set on a positive life path that reduces the odds of reoffending.

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28HOPKINS COUNTY 0408 Tomorrow is election day.  The polls are open from 6 until 6.  There are 15 polling locations in Hopkins County.  This includes the  Ballard Convention Center.   Answers to your voting questions can be found at this website: Search Kentucky Primary Election 2024 League of Women Voters. Again: Search Kentucky Primary Election 2024 League of Women Voters.

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Today:   SUNNY AND 87

34HOPKINS COUNTY 0518 A Hanson man is being charged with Arson and Attempted Murder.  The sheriff’s office says 36-year-old Tyler Adams set fire to the porch and front door of the residence of 43-year-old Jarrod Nelson in Manitou on Wilbur James Road.  The sheriff’s office says the fire was meant to trap Nelson inside.  Using a description, Adams was located by the Madisonville police on Friday night.  Nelson was able to extinguish the fire but was burned in the process. Nelson says his surveillance cameras were able to record the incident.

15HOPKINS COUNTY 0518 In Hopkins County, one of the cases before the grand jury involves the rape of a child under 12.  22-year-old Levi Hart of Nebo was arrested about two years ago.  Now, he has been indicted for the crime and will appear in court today.

19MADISONVILLE 0516 In Madisonville, the police department is not forgetting about the two officers who have died while on duty.  Last week was National Police Week, an excellent time to remember the service of Chief John Ashby who died in 1929, and Night Patrolman Clifton Slaton who was killed in 1901.

27HOPKINS COUNTY 0513 Most everyone knows that a state police academy is being planned for Madisonville.  The news not only delights the Madisonville police but also Hopkins County leadership.  Here is County Judge Executive Jack Whitfield

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18MADISONVILLE 0518 The Madisonville City Council has a special meeting this afternoon.  It will include the second reading of an ordinance dealing with garbage and refuse, and one that would estimate revenues and resources for the operation of city government.  It begins at 4:30 at city hall and can be seen live on the city’s Facebook page.

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