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24MADISONVILLE 0514 The Madisonville man who fell about 9 feet over the railing at an apartment complex is being charged with possession of synthetic drugs.   Levi Hill was arrested on Saturday evening at the Hidden Hill Apartments on Connor Court.  The police report indicates Hill denied any medical attention and that he was in possession of synthetic drugs.  Hill had been convicted once before for the same thing.

16MADISONVILLE 0513 In Madisonville, the driver of a Dodge Charger that had excessively tinted windows is facing five charges.  the other afternoon, the officer learned that Felicia Howard had an active arrest warrant.  A search of her vehicle produced meth, and synthetic drugs.

43KENTUCKY 0514 A traveling Roadshow in Kentucky this spring and summer is intended to provide professionals with important updates on the economy, Medicaid, K-CHIP, SNAP, housing, transportation, child care, and suicide prevention. It’s called the Thrive Roadshow.  Emily Beauregard with Kentucky Voices for Health says Roadshow workshops are free.

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For details, search Thrive Roadshow.

22KENTUCKY 0501 Two large power providers in the Commonwealth are looking for additional supply sources.  LG&E and KU want to hear about new solar, wind and hydroelectric providers. The companies say they are continually evaluating a number of energy resources and exploring innovative solutions.  Proposals need to be submitted by June 21st.

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Today:   Mostly Cloudy with a chance of rain and 74

22MADISONVILLE 0513 The man who began running in Madisonville once he saw a police car is facing four charges.  Michael Beshear failed to obey the commands of the officer to stop, but ran through a number of yards. Finally, the officer captured him on Union Street.  It was found that Beshear had an active arrest warrant.  He was transported to the county jail.

31MADISONVILLE 0514 In Western Kentucky, the Salvation Army is celebrating National Salvation Army Week.  In the past year, the Salvation Army in Madisonville, Henderson, and Owensboro have served more than 9-thousand individuals and families.  They also have provided over 66-hundred nights of shelter and served over 57-thousand meals.  At Christmas, over 11-thousand toys and gifts were given to children.  The Salvation Army in Madisonville on McCoy Avenue invites you to visit their Facebook page.

44MADISONVILLE 0513 When the subject in Madisonville turns to finances, it’s not long before the restaurant tax is mentioned.  Mayor Kevin Cotton says it is a key factor in moving the needle forward for the city through a number of projects.

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Mayor Cotton says the list of restaurant tax projects gets longer every year.  The work at Mahr Park, and the SportsPlex are leading the way in attracting commercial entities.  Last year alone, Mahr Park attractived well over 600-thousand.

13Webster County 0429 This summer, two Webster County High School students will be attending the Kentucky Governor’s Scholar program.   Selected for the residential program are Alaina Barron and Hyatt Kelley.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.