Local News Monday, May 13


Today:   Partly Sunny with a chance of showers and 72

16HOPKINS COUNTY 0510 The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office is using its Facebook page to distribute a surveillance photograph of two men involved in a copper theft.  The crime occurred in Mortons Gap behind a barn on Barnsley Loop last week.  The sheriff’s office is hoping to get the identification.

26MADISONVILLE 0402 One of Madisonville’s strengths is its city parks.  Mahr Park Arboretum is the newest one. Superintendent Ashton Robinson is excited about their growing number of trails.

Ashton Robinson 0402a…16″…that trail.

28HOPKINS COUNTY 0511 This is the mowing season in Western Kentucky.  Some maintenance activities are being addressed this week. In Hopkins County, mowing is scheduled for sections of U-S 41, and U-S 41-A.   The mowing also includes state highways 10-33 and 2-81.  Later this week, cross drain replacement will take place on Kentucky 10-69 and at the intersection of US 62 and US 41.

13WHITE PLAINS 0511 White Plains has a new mayor.  Ben Almon had been serving as mayor pro tem.  He replaces Josh Slaton.  Almon will serve subject to the provisions of Section 152 of the state constitution.

18PROVIDENCE 0510 In Providence, there are some new parking restrictions.  They were passed last week by the city council.  It is not lawful to park on a city sidewalk, walkway, bike path, or any pedestrian right of way.  The fine will be at least 25-dollars.  No citations will be issued right away.

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Today:   Partly Sunny with a chance of showers and 72

25MADISONVILLE 0510   After witnessing a driver not use his turn signal, the M-P-D offical entered his license plate to discover that the vehicle’s registration had expired and that the driver did not possess a valid driver’s license.  During the traffic stop at just after 3 on Friday morning on McLeod Lane,  37-year-old Dalton Cramer of Lexington could not prove he had insurance.  Cramer was transported to the county jail.

14Madisonville 0509 In Madisonville, the Transportation-Sanitation Committee  will meet this afternoon.  They will discuss the ordinance concerning garbage and refuse.  The meeting begins at 3:30 at city hall in the council conference room.

27MADISONVILLE 0411 The community is still getting used to the new Madisonville police dog.  K-9 Cash is an emotional comfort animal.  Kelly Forbes of the Patrick Rudd Project says Cash’s handler is Major Jason Jones.

 Kelly Forbes 411b…15″…a whole.

38WASHINGTON, D.C.0510 Our junior senator is promoting a measure that would give local broadcasters and newspapers much-needed relief from outdated government restrictions.  Rand Paul says the Local News and Broadcast Media Preservation Act would exempt print, broadcast, and digital news organizations from federal antitrust laws to allow them to compete with and negotiate with national tech companies.  It would also eliminate the local and national caps on radio and television ownership and would create an environment which would allow maximum flexibility for competition and negotiation.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.