Local News Wednesday, May 8


Today:   Showers and 83

8WESTERN KENTUCKY 0507 Some heavy rain may be on the way.  The best chance begins this afternoon and carries on overnight.  Tomorrow, sunny skies are expected.

25MADISONVILLE 0506 In Madisonville, an argument that turned physical is what led to an arrest on Saturday afternoon.  There was physical evidence that the complainant had been injured at a residence on Sunrise Place.  The 9-1-1 dispatcher reported to the police that a screaming woman could be heard during the call for help.    The police report states that there was evidence that Charles Taylor was under the influence of alcohol.  Taylor was arrested.

16MADISONVILLE 0430 The Madisonville Electric Department is out with a big announcement.  The outage reporting system has been improved. Now, you can call or you can text.  There’s also an outage map.  The city’s Facebook page has details about the new reporting system.

22HOPKINS COUNTY 0501 In Hopkins County, the humane society is at its peak for the year with cats and dogs.  Executive director Dustin Miller says volunteers are needed.

Dustin Miller 0501b…12″…companionship.

25FRANKFORT 0507 The countdown is on.   Only one year remains before the federal REAL I-D Act goes into service.  It will be required for air travel, as well as access to military bases and many federal buildings.  The REAL I-D driving and identity credentials can be requested at any Driver Licensing Regional Office.  A Kentucky REAL ID is not needed for for international travel.

16EARLINGTON 0507 In Earlington, the city now has a group of Junior Ambassadors.  The South Hopkins Middle School 8th Grade Wildcat Leadership Academy is a  joint effort of the school and the city.
It helps the students foster leadership and community involvement that acquaints them with local government.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.



Today:   Showers and 83

27MADISONVILLE 0506 A Hanson man stopped on I-69 on Friday afternoon will be facing 7 charges.  The vehicle of 34-year-old Jordan Ostrander was searched by the K-9 Loki .  The dog located fentanyl, marijuana, and meth.  Hydrocodone pills and another unidentified bottles of pharmasuticals were also located.  Also arrested was a passenger.  Heather Williams  was found to be in possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

25FRANKFORT 0503 According to Hopkins County’s representative in the state house,  the Assembly is committed to protecting consumers, but ultimately, residents need to play it safe in this age of financial scams. Wade Williams says we must guard our financial information. He says scammers are always coming up with new ways to deceive. A great resource to stay informed is the website of the Federal Trade Commission.

32WASHINGTON DC 0506 A Kentucky lawmaker in Washington says the president’s border crisis has created a major government problem.  Here is Representative James Comer.

James Comer 0506a…18″…non-citizens.

Mr. Comer is proposing that the government get an accurate account of every citizen.

23GREENVILLE 0506 More jobs are headed to Central City.  The one-million dollar expansion of Central Screen Printing at 405 East Everly Brothers Boulevard will add 50 jobs over the next three years.  The company was awarded close to a million dolllars by the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority.  Channel 14 is reporting that eight more employees have already been hired.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.