Local News Friday, May 3


Today:   Showers and 76

6WESTERN KENTUCKY 0502 The National Weather Service says showers and thunderstorms will be on and off into the the first half of next week.  

32WASHINGTON 0502 A federal agency is focusing on Webster County.  The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that Webster is one of the two communities that will receive technical assistance.  The E-P-A and Webster County will work together to develop a plan that promotes environmental and economic revitalization. Webster is still experiencing the economic effects of its last mine closure five years ago.  It also has extensive abandoned mine land which the community would like to put to alternative uses.

25MADISONVILLE 0501 The I-69 car chase that began in Hopkins County yesterday (on Wednesday) involved a speeding driver who would not pull over in Madisonville.  Instead 20-year-old Amber Wilkins almost hit 100 miles ah hour as she raced to Henderson.  When she spotted stop sticks on the road, she hit the brakes and stopped at the Long John Silvers on the Henderson strip.  No one was hurt.

45MADISONVILLE 0501 Our local college is quick to say that scholarship programs are helping many students.  In the last two years, a new fundraiser has become a part of the program.  Spokesman Austin Tarkington says this will be the second year of the Derby Day Celebration.  He says the event helps meet a specific need of the students.

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Tarkington says all of the Derby Day Celebration reservations for both last year and this year have been taken.

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Today:   Showers and 76

HOPKINS COUNTY 0502 The parents of two middle schools that have had multiple bullying complaints are going to meet.  The African American Coalition of Hopkins County says it will be at the Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce in Madisonville on Saturday, the 11th.  This will be the second meeting.  According to Channel 14, the parents are in the process of filing a joint Class Action lawsuit.  Their Louisville attorney will be at the meeting.

22MADISONVILLE 0501 One person sustained non-life threatening injuries in a 2-vehicle collision Wednesday afternoon on East Center Street.  44-year-old Larry Husk of Owensboro was making a left turn in his rollback tow truck when he collided with a Jeep being driven by 49-year-old Hazel Dorris of Madisonville. Dorris visited the E-R.  

38HOPKINS COUNTY 0501 In Hopkins County, the humane society is at its peak for the year with cats and dogs.  Dustin Miller is the executive director.

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To help meet their needs, the humane socieity will be holding its first Run for the Paws 5-K.  The date will be Saturday, June 8th.  Visit social media for details.

17GREENVILLE 0502 In Greenville, it’s the time of year for hydrant flushing.  The utilities commission says residents should not be alarmed if they see prolonged periods of water release.  They say the process helps to insure the highest quality water, and also helps the system to function appropriately.

10Madisonville 0430 Now, there’s a newsletter about Madisonville’s 4th Fest.  It will keep you updated about the city’s summer holiday concerts.  Just go to Madisonville Living dot COM.  

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