Local News Thursday, May 2


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37MADISONVILLE 0501 Just for the record, motorcyclists can be involved in a traffic stop.  44-year-old Joshua Skinner of Madisonville was pulled over late Tuesday night on Park Avenue for not having a headlight or tail-lamps.  The officer says Skinner ignored the officer’s emergency equipment and attempted to flee, but ending up crashing in the yard on Park Avenue Court. He then got up and ran, ignorning the officer’s commands to stop.  When Skinner was caught, he said he had recently smoked marijuana.    He also was unable to produce a driver’s license.  Skinner is facing 9 charges.

29MADISONVILLE 0430 Reckless driving on I-69 Monday morning around 8 o’clock is what led to a traffic stop on Island Ford Road.  The police report states that Billy Messamore’s passenger appeared to be very nervous.  When the officer was not allowed to search the Ford Mustang, the drug dog Drax was called.  A cigarette pack with suspected meth was located and both persons were arrested. Messamore and Rosa Messamore, were charged with possession of a controlled substance.

23MADISONVILLE 0408 People are asking when the sports complex will open for business.  Here’s Mayor Kevin Cotton.

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The good news is that tournaments, some rather big, have already been booked.  The new venue is on Midtown Boulevard.

17MADISONVILLE 0430 A new exhbit is on display in Madisonville.  The Anne P. Baker Gallery at the Glema is showing the work of Maureen Berry through the 16th.  It’s entitled Wild African Adventurse in Art.  The gallery is free.  The hours are from 9 to 4 weekdays.

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Today:   Sunny and 87

23MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0501 This is a difficult time for the Kentucky State Police at Post 2.  Trooper Jonathan Johnson lost his life in an off-duty motorcycle crash in Bowling Green Tuesday morning.  The 9-year veteran was assigned to Muhlenberg County. Trooper Johnson received the post-level Detective of the Year honor in 2019.  He also served at the post in Bowling Green.

0418 37MADISONVILLE 0401 In Madisonville, there’s talk of a new fire station.  For years, Fire station 2  at 99 East Mc Laughlin Street has been the smallest fire station in the city.  In fact, the building used to be a grocery store.  Fire Chief Jason Eli says the relocation of Station 2 would improve arrival times at southern locations.

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22WEBSTER COUNTY 0501 Two Webster County men are incarcerated following a traffic stop Monday night.  30-year-old Broderick Woods of Sebree and 44-year-old Travis Gibson of Dixon were pulled over because of reckless driving.  The deputy found them to be in possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.  Woods and Gibson were arrested on State Route 132 East in Dixon.

23WEBSTER COUNTY 0430 This is the second year for the Excellence in Teaching Awards presented by Madisonville Community College and Murray State University.  The winners in Webster County are Heather Coble – of Dixon Elememtary, Lucas Morgan of the middle school, and Bailey Townsend at the high school. Coble, Morgan, and Townsend are described as having a tremendous heart for their students.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.