Local News Tuesday, April 30


Today:   Becoming Sunny and 77

27MADISONVILLE 0429 Budget talks are underway in Madisonville.  Mayor Cotton says it appears that more money will be available for road repairs.

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The mayor is expecting all of the priority streets to be done.

22HOPKINS COUNTY 0424 The annual book giveaway in Hopkins County is this week at numerous locations.  Celebrate Literacy is for preschooler to 5th graders.  A child may pick out a free book at each site. The books have been provided by Celebrate Literacy and by the Hopkins County Schools.  The locations and times of the giveaways are on social media.

13HOPKINS COUNTY 0330 In Hopkins County, the school district wants to remind you of a deadline.  The last day this spring to submit an application to be a volunteer is today (Tuesday, April 30th.)   There’s more about becoming a volunteer on the district’s website.

25WESTERN KENTUCKY 0429 The state senator representing Henderson, Hopkins, Union, and Webster believes radical environmentalists are spreading misconceptions.  Robby Mills says they are choosing ideology over performance.  He says the E-P-A announcement on power plant regulations raises significant concerns about our nation’s energy landscape. Mills says our country needs reliable power sources.

23FRANKFORT 0418 The medical cannabis business is about to take off.  Businesses can begin applying to be licensed on the first of July.  Licensing begins in October.  The governor says the focus will be on prioritizing safety in the cannabis industry. There is a website detailing the program.  It’s called: Team Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.



Today:   Becoming Sunny and 79

16MADISONVILLE 0426 The roadside mowing season begins this week.  Kentucky law prohibits the placement of non-official signs of any type on state highway right of way.  This includes utility poles, fences, guardrails and road signs.

35KENTUCKY 0422 A new website aims to help Kentuckians just out of prison re-enter society with job training, employment and other recovery services.  Governor Andy Beshear says the plan for the site is for it to contain a list of employers.

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The website is second chance dot k-y dot GOV.

14WEBSTER COUNTY 0429 The Webster County Schools are now registering online.   If your child is new to the district, please stop by the school district headquarters in Dixon to complete the process.  The address is 28 State Route 1340.

25KENTUCKY 0426 The next class of Kentucky State Police troopers will earn a 67-thousand, 500-dollar annual salary and also have an improved retirement system with a sick leave buyback program.  The governor says applications are due by June 30th.  To promote the K-S-P, their recruitment team will be attending career fairs, college events, and other events to recruit potential troopers.

18HOPKINS COUNTY 0427 A Maroon offensive lineman will be playing at a prominent Division Three school.  Michael Bailey has signed to play at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.  They say Mickey has a G-P-A of 4 point 5, and that his desire is to someday be a mechanical engineer.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.