Local News Monday, April 29

Today:   Showers and 76

33HOPKINS COUNTY 0425 The state is approving a building development project in Dawson Springs.  The community’s industrial development foundation is reporting that it has been approved for 2-million dollars in state support for a 4-million dollar project.  Now, West Hopkins Industries says the project will seek to complete site-readiness preparation and construct a 100-thousand square-foot spec building.  A spec building is intended to attract a business tenant. Officials say the long term objective is well-paying jobs and economic growth.

18HENDERSON 0426 Some highway road work will be done in Hopkins County starting today.  On Kentucky 22-73, the plan is to do shoulder work at mile markers 2 and 3.  On Friday and Saturday, cross drain replacement and ditching will be done on Kentucky 262 between mile markers 1 and 2.

20KENTUCKY 0417 This is National Distracted Driving month.  Some new statistics are sobering.

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20HOPKINS COUNTY 0422 Here’s an announcement from the Hopkins County Young Professionals.  Their Hall of Fame online nominations are being accepted.  The objective is to get the names of those who have accomplished an outstanding achievement for the community.  To learn more, visit the Facebook page of the Hopkins County Young Professionals.

17DAWSON SPRINGS 0426 In sports, there are games that you will remember for the rest of your life.  On Thursday night, the Dawson Springs Lady Panther softball team had one of those games when they put up a 19-to 9 victory at Hopkinsville.  The game broke their 81-game losing streak.

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Today:   Showers and 76

41HOPKINS COUNTY0423 They said that it would take years to bounce back from the tornadoes of December 2021.  No one knows that better that Hopkins County Judge Executive Jack Whitfield.  It’s still one of the most prominent items on his schedule.

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Whitfield says the goal is to come back better, but he realizes that is easier said than done.  He says inflation has impacted the project.

32Madisonville 0424 The Madisonville police say on Wednesday afternoon, a drug suspect during a traffic stop told the officer that he was going to jail after he saw the drug dog arrive.  The officer who had 32-year-old Sage Keane of Nortonville pull over reported that he noticed that the driver of the Mitsubishi Galant appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance.  K-9 Arkham located meth-kits and meth in the trunk.  Keane admitted that he used meth and knew there would be drugs in his system.  He is facing three drug charges.

10MADISONVILLE 0426 In Madisonville, it’s budget time.  The city council will have a special meeting on tomorrow morning at 7:30.  It will be at city hall at 67 North Main.

16HOPKINS COUNTY 0426 The Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to what they call the Legislative Wrap Up.  On Thursday, May 2nd at 8, they will host Senator Robbie Mills and Representative Wade Williams at 15 East Center Street.  A light breakfast will be served.

13MADISONVILLE 0426 The Muhlenberg County highway that was closed due to a landslide is about to be reconstructed.  The state says they hope to have Kentucky 22-70 reopended at mile 5 point 6 before Saturday.

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