Local News Friday, April 26

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29WESTERN KENTUCKY 0425 Law enforcement agencies in Western Kentucky are glad to see that the state legislature is committed to a second Department of Criminal Justice Training center.  By placing it in Madisonville, it means that more cadets can be trained sooner.  State Senator Robby Mills says it’s been known to take up to eight months before the cadets can start their training at the state’s only training  facility in Richmond.  He says this means cities can get the new officers on the street more quickly.

28MADISONVILLE  0415 The improved Madisonville city website is getting good reviews.  The public relations director says even more changes will be made.  Here’s Jennifer Daves.

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You can check that out at Madisonville Living dot com.

19MADISONVILLE 0424 One person is recovering from injuries sustained in a two-vehicle collision in Madisonville during the noon hour yesterday (Wednesday) .  The police say 66-year-old Joy Johnson of Sacramento lost control and rear-ended a truck with a trailer on Island Ford Road.  Johnson visited the E-R.

22CENTRAL CITY 0424 It was not a rifle, but it sure looked like one.  That’s how the Central City Police described an “orbeez” airsoft-style rifle that was in a vehicle this past weekend at Holly J’s Bar and Grill on North 1st Street.  The police say playing games with these guns is dangerous because it could put someone in a stressful situation with law enforcement.

15MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0425 This is 9-1-1 Education Month.  Muhlenberg  9-1-1 says residents can be prepared for any emergency with the free download of the Smart 9-1-1 app.  Just go to smart 9-1-1 dot com.  

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Today:   Cloudy and 77

33MADISONVILLE 0424 Heavy window tinting is what led to a Madisonville traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of the passenger.  The officer reported that during the noon hour on Tuesday, there was a strong marijuana odor coming from the G-M Yukon.  During a search of the vehicle on Highland Avenue, 22-year-old Skyler Lohse (LOWSH) of Providence admitted that there was marijuana in his possession, as well as a number of pre-rolled marijuana joints and T -H-C gummies  Lohse was also in possesion of large quantity of cash, in different denominations.

26MADISONVILLE 0422 The Madisonville police are out with a report on the woman who was carrying a red duffel bag, stumbling, and screaming in front of a residence on West Lake Street late last week.  The officer said her pupils were constricted, that she was extremely fidgety, and her language made no sense.   She said she had smoked synthetic marijuana.  A female officer retrieved a plastic bag from her clothing containing a small amount of meth.

33KENTUCKY 0422 A new website aims to help Kentuckians just out of prison re-enter society with job training, employment and other recovery services.  Governor Andy Beshear says the Prison Policy Initiative says almost two-thirds of formerly incarcerated individuals are jobless.  He says the website is meant to cut bureaucracy around job searching, and tie resources together in one spot to make it easier for people to get back on their feet.

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The website is second chance dot k-y dot GOV.

22MADISONVILLE 0422 Madisonville Community College has a new director of Workforce Solutions.  Melanie Tapp had been the assistant director.  Workforce Solutions is described as the premier training and career development source for the entire Pennyrile Region.  Tapp is taking over for Mike Davenport who is retiring.    from the college after 47 years.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.