Local News Thursday, July 11

Today:   Sunny and 87

16MADISONVILLE 0710 A murder trial is underway at Madisonville’s Justice Center.  Raleigh Lamar is accused of killing Terrence Minor Junior last year.  Lamar says he is not guility.  The trial could hear from as many as 10 witnesses.  Lamar could spend decades behind bars.

19MADISONVILLE 0709 The opening of the Hopkins County Sports Complex is now expected near the end of August.  Mayor Kevin Cotton explains the most recent cause for the delay.

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22HOPKINS COUNTY 0701 The program that develops civic-oriented volunteer leaders who are interested in helping direct the future of Madisonville and Hopkins County is accepting applications. The Leadership Hopkins County program  runs from September through May.  To learn more, visit the Leadership Hopkins County Facebook page.

19KENTUCKY 0708 The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to remind residents that REAL I-D enforcement will be here in less than a year.  They say there’s no advantage in waiting to the last minute to apply.  If you want a REAL ID version of your driver’s license, visit real-i-d-k-y dot COM.

19DAVIESS COUNTY 0626 According to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife, black bears are returning to Kentucky for the first time in about 100 years.  In the last couple of decades, the state has implemented a reintroduction program.  Everyone is being reminded that if you see a black bear, remember it’s a wild animal and can be dangerous.

0712 17MADISONVILLE 0709 On Saturday, the Madisonville Miners will play in the third-oldest ballpark still in regular use for professional baseball.  The Henderson Flash will host the Miners in a make-up game in Evansville at Bosse Field.  The game will be part of a doubleheader that begins at 5.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.



Today:   Sunny and 87

17MADISONVILLE 0709 A Madisonville woman is reporting to the police that she found around 35 fentanyl pills in her home.  When the officer came to her West Lake Street residence, her husband said that they were his. Now, Timothy Prentice is charged with trafficking controlled substances.

16MADISONVILLE 0708 A passenger in a vehicle stopped on Arch Street last Tuesday is being charged with possesion of methamphetamine.  The vehicle was stopped by the police because a rear tire was about to fall off.  Chrystal meth was found in Bobby Brasher’s possession.  Brasher was lodged in the detention center.

13DAWSON SPRINGS 0710 The Dawson Springs police are reporting an increase in thefts.  They are encouraging citizens to take the time to make sure your property is locked.  They also welcome your calls if you see someone snooping around your property.

0611 31WEBSTER COUNTY 0604 It’s called the popup driver’s license, and it’s today in Webster County.  It’s the latest thing from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  It’s a traveling service that brings all the services offered in Driver Licensing Regional Offices to communities that don’t have a regional office. For example, if your license expires anytime this year, you can renew it in Dixon today.  It will be at the Webster County Extension Office at 11-18 US-41 Alternate.

33KENTUCKY 0710 The state will be hearing virtual public comments on the Draft Regional Haze State Implementation Plan (July 11th) this morning at 9 Central Time.  Critics say it is falling short because it only considers two facilities as significant pollution emitters, despite evidence there are more.  Here is Ashley Wilmes (WILL-miss)  of the Kentucky Resources Council.

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For more information on how to participate in the hearing, visit the website of the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet .

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.