Local News Tuesday, July 9

Today:   Showers and 85

8WESTERN KENTUCKY 0708 The National Weather Service says the the potential for tropical downpours will last through tonight as the remnants of Beryl will pass thru the region.

25MADISONVILLE 0707 The police are obligated to notify motorists that their license plate is not legible.  Last week during a traffic stop in Madisonville with James Perkins, he was unable to provide his driver’s license, and was not able to prove he had auto insurance.  Inside Perkins’ vehicle in plain view was a marijuana smoking device.  Perkins faces four charges, including possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  

19MADISONVILLE 0620  The driver of a vehicle that failed to signal a turn during the noon hour recently is facing some other charges in Madisonville .  Steven Hamilton was arrested because he could not produce a driver’s license, auto registration, and proof of insurance.  It was found that Hamilton was convicted of driving without insurance last year.

0716 14MADISONVILLE 0703 Some railroad crossing maintenance is scheduled for Slaughters.  CSX will close the KY 138 crossing on the (Tuesday) 16th. The time length of the closure could vary, depending on rail traffic and the weather.  There will be a marked detour.

0715 16WESTERN KENTUCKY 0703 This is for persons who may need help removing charges from their record.  There will be an Expungement Clinic and Resource Fair in Owensboro on Monday the 15th from 1 until 5 at the One Stop Help Center on Southtown Boulevard.

24KENTUCKY 0708 In Frankfort, the state attorney general wants to block a new Biden Administration rule that’s meant to encourage the sale of electric vehicles and force consumers to pay more for their next car.
Russell Coleman says 24 other states are protesting the policy.  He and other attorneys general say the president should be focusing on violent crime and the surge of deadly drugs crossing the border into our country.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.



Today:   Showers and 85

12MADISONVILLE 0708 The local road receiving a lot of attention this week in Madisonville is South Main.  South Main is being restricted to one lane as concrete repairs are made.  Please drive safely in that area.

40KENTUCKY 0708 Kentucky will now provide Medicaid and CHIP coverage up to 90 days before an eligible person’s expected release from incarceration. John Bowman with the national nonprofit dream dot O-R-G  says the move will help people re-entering society avoid gaps in coverage, and reduce barriers to treatment for chronic diseases and substance-use disorders.

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The new rules can also apply to youths in juvenile detention centers.

36KENTUCKY 0707 In Frankfort, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services says reports of theft from E-B-T accounts are rapidly rising.  In a number of instances, the bad guys are placing illegal devices on an ATM or card-swiping machine to copy EBT card information which can then be used to make fake E-B-T cards. Scammers are using fake cards to use the benefits.  One of the ways to avoid being the target of a thief is to not use easy-to-guess PINs on your EBT card. It’s also suggested that the PIN be changed from time to time.  

18MUHLENBERG COUNTY 0703 The new vice president of the F-F-A Pennyrile is a graduate of Muhlenberg County High School.  Noah Mallory was one of 23 candidates from around the state who ran for the post by completing the application and interview process.  Noah is the son of Ron and Dee Mallory of Belton.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.