Local News Tuesday, July 2

Today:   Sunny and 90

38HOPKINS COUNTY 0701 A Hopkins County college scholarship to honor the co-founder of Multicare is bigger and better than ever.  Four students are each receiving 5-thousand dollars from the Dr. Scott Gaines Memorial Scholarship.  That is twice as much as previous awards.  Under the stewardship of the Owensboro Health Foundation, the Gaines scholarship fund has enjoyed tremendous growth.  To support the fund, the foundation joins forces with the Madisonville locations and friends of Dr. Gaines to hold a golf scramble.  The recipients this year are Mackenzie Creekmur, Zoe Long, Ann Claire Lutz, and Madison Littlepage.

18MADISONVILLE 0701 A broken headlight is what brought down a drug trafficker.  During the Friday night traffic stop on I-69, the Madisonville police arrested 44-year-old Anthony Garrott of Indianapolis.  They could smell marijuana in his car.  A search produced a large bag of meth, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana.  

34FRANKFORT 0620 A state law may change next legislative session.  Rep. Lindsey Burke of Lexington says the state law that says only physical injuries can be covered under the Kentucky’s workers’ compensation system needs to be changed to include post-traumatic stress disorder, or P-T-S-D.

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16MADISONVILLE 0628 A veteran Madisonville firefighter is retiring.  Dan Sanders started his career at the Middlesboro Fire Department is 2005.  In 2019, he transferred to Madisonville.  The department and the city are wishing Dan a long and healthy retirement.

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Today:   Sunny and 90

31MADISONVILLE 0701   Madisonville officials are saying it would be hard for Fourth Fest to have gone better.  Officials say license plates from a number of states revealed the widespread attraction of the concerts on Friday through Sunday.  Here is Trish Noel of the Tourist & Convention Commission.

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The concluding event of Fouth Fest is the free Miners baseball game on Thursday afternoon.  The special starting time is 5:30 since fireworks follow the game.

28MADISONVILLE 0701 The Madisonville police are revealing more about the death of a local man last month.  They believe they have a suspect in the death of 23-year-old Christian Cook.  When he passed away, it was believed that he died from a fentanyl overdose.  After interviewing 23-year-old Jawan Combs of Madisonville, they say Combs is admitting he sold Cook the fentanyl pills.   Now. Combs is charged with trafficking fentanyl and with manslaughter.

48HOPKINS COUNTY 0701 The state senator represeting Henderson, Hopkins, Union, and Webster counties is celebrating a Supreme Court decision.  Robby Mills is very glad to hear that the Supreme Court has restored the three branches of government as detailed in our constitution.  Mills says in the last 40 years, unelected bureaucrats have slowly taken over the legislative duties assigned to Congress.  He says the Chevron Decision allowed executive branch bureaucrats to clarify ambiguous areas of the law.  This power slowly morphed into executive branch departments like the E-P-A making decisions that carried the weight of law.  Now, thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision, all legislative powers will go back to Congress and take it away from unelected government workers.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.