Local News Monday, June 24


Today:   Sunny and 91

23MADISONVILLE 0623 A bicyclist is being treated for serious injuries following a collision with a car at about 1-30 on Saturday morning.  Both persons are from Madisonville.  The police report states that 45-year-old Christopher Payton disregarded a stop sign at Pride Avenue and West Arch Street.  The car was being driven by 56-year-old Dantry Matchem.  

0615 30WESTERN KENTUCKY 0603 No-Cost Medical Care is available in Western Kentucky.   The last day of the Green River Area Wellness event in Henderson is tomorrow, the 25th, at South Middle School.  There is no charge for the medical services because this is a military training exercise.  Reservists and active-duty individuals will offer check-ups, dental services, glasses, and advice on health concerns.  Officials say this is a first come, first served event.

33WASHINGTON DC 0617 Kentucky Congressman James Comer says Hunter Biden’s conviction is only the beginning.  He says the Department of Justice needs to investigates everyone involved.

James Comer 0617a…17″…schemes.

Comer says those schemes generated over 18 million in foreign payments to the Biden family.

13WESTERN KENTUCKY 0621 The Pennyrile Area Development District has a program to stay cool.   They are offering free fans to adults 60 and over at their Hopkinsville center.  Phone the PADD office to reserve your fan.

10MADISONVILLE 0605 The city of Madisonville is again accepting applications for Home Town Hero Banners.  The deadline is the 28th. The city’s Facebook page has contact information.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.



Today:   Sunny and 91

31MADISONVILLE 0622 Late at night, a car with just one working headlight easily draws the attention of the police.  During the traffic stop of Kenneth Mitchell on North Seminary, the police learned that his driver’s license did not include his current address.  Mitchell’s auto insurance policy had also lapsed.  The drug dog Bane confirmed the presence of a substance thought to be meth in his Chevrolet Cobalt. Gray is being charged with 5 crimes, including being in possesion of a plastic bag that is thought to contain meth.

25MADISONVILLE 0622 The M-P-D is reporting the arrest of a driver on Thursday night whose car had no headlights.  During the South Main traffic stop of Samuel Daniels, Central Dispatch learned that his Mississippi driver’s license was suspended.  He also admitted that he had no auto insurance.  The officers also found three open Bud Light bottles and an open can of Budweiser in Daniels’ Jeep Grand Cherokee.    

26WEBSTER COUNTY 0621 Workforce training is coming to Webster County.  This is part of what’s described as a huge investment that the Delta Regional Authority is making to development new jobs as well as other basic improvements.  Included in the grants will be Henderson and Union counties. Governor Beshear says the D-R-A investment in Webster County will help in light of the decline in the coal industry.  Included will be the purchase equipment to train students.

27KENTUCKY 0617 Experts are concerned about the increase in childhood diabetes in Kentucky.  Ben Chandler of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky says maintaining healthy weight can go a long way toward reducing the risk.

Ben Chander 0617a…14″…can do.

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.