Local News Monday, June 17


Today:   Mostly Sunny and 92

31DAWSON SPRINGS 0614 The state is still helping those impacted by the tornado in Hopkins County.  It passed north of Dawson Springs on May 26th with winds of 165 miles an hour winds.  Here’s Governor Beshear.

Andy Beshear 0614a…19″…Charleston.

22MADISONVILLE 0615 At Madisonville city hall, there are two meeetings this afternoon.  The city council meets at 4:30.  New business includes an ordinance amending the city’s budget.  There will also be a resolution to accept the bid for improvements to the Lake Peewee Water Treatment Plant Disinfection System.  At 5, the Tourism Advisory Board will convene.

30WEBSTER COUNTY 0614 This for the customers of United Community Bank of West Kentucky.  Several customers have reported that they have received a text message notifying them that the bank has placed their account on hold.  They say this is not true.  United Community Bank of West Kentucky officials say when you are in doubt about any account matter, contact them.  They say never trust caller ID if you receive a call,  and never call back to a number provided in a text or phone message.

25WESTERN KENTUCKY 0614 A no-cost, public medical event is underway in Henderson.  The Green River Area Wellness event at South Middle School is a medical training opportunity that continues through the 25th. It’s for those who need a check-up, dental services, glasses, advice on health concerns, or just want to learn more about their health.   The event is described as a fantastic opportunity for many to access free medical services and information.  

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Today:   Mostly Sunny and 92

22HOPKINS COUNTY 0615 The Hopkins County School Board meets this afternoon at 5:30.  The spring sports athletes of the year will be acknowledged.  Hopkin Central’s Josh Robinson is a nationally recognized archer.  Trashawn Smith of Madisonville North won two state track championships.  The meeting will be at the Central Administrative Office on South Seminary.

26MADISONVILLE 0613 The driver of a Ford Escape seen crossing the center line on I-69 multiple times last week is facing drug charges in Hopkins County.  The M-P-D report states that there was the smell of marijuana in the vehicle being driven by 48-year-old Joseph Barron of Henderson.  The officer also learned that there was a warrant for Barron’s arrest.  The vehicle also had drug paraphernalia and a bag of meth.  

40KENTUCKY 0611 A-A-R-P Kentucky says for many of the state‚Äôs older residents, high-speed internet is an essential tool.  Gary Adkins says federal data indicates almost 60 percent of seniors living in poverty use the internet in their homes.  That compares to 98 percent of low-income adults up to age 49.

Gary Adkins 0611a…12″…socially.

A federal program that helped almost half a million Kentuckians with internet serice has recently expired.

23GREENVILLE 0614 The Greenville Fire Department is reporting an increase in illegal burns in recent days.  According to state statutes, burning structures, along with painted, stained, or treated wood or lumber, or any kind of construction or demolition debris and material, is strictly prohibited at any given time.  Fines can reach 25-thousand dollars.  

From the C-Plant Federal Credit Union Newsroom,   I’m Boyce Tate.