Local News Tuesday, May 28


Today:   Sunny and 80

18MADISONVILLE 0527 Here’s a message from the American Red Cross.  If you are not able to stay in your home due to the damage it sustained in Sunday evening’s storm, they hope you will give them a call.  The Red Cross says they have people and resources to help you.  Their phone number is 1-800-RED CROSS.

22MADISONVILLE 0523 A car on the road at night with one headlight out is going to attract the attention of law enforcement.  Rachel (GOFF-uh-net) Goffinet was stopped on West McLaughlin Avenue and informed that one of her headlights was out.  Moments later, Goffinet was unable to produce a driver’s license.  Central Dispatch informed the officer that Goffinet’s license had been suspended.  

24DAWSON SPRINGS 0527 A non-profit in Dawson Springs is receiving a large donation.  The United Way of the Coalfield and the Kentucky Funder’s Table has awarded a quarter of a million dollars to the Audubon Area Head Start.  Audubon Area Head Start serves 25-hundred children from low income familes in their 16-county service area.  This includes individuals with disabilities.

49WASHINGTON DC 0527 From Washington, it appears that a top advisor to Dr. Fauci will be held responsible for lying to Congress on multiple occasions.  Congressman James Comer says  Dr. David Morens is responsible for deleting federal COVID-19 records and emails regarding taxpayer dollars funding dangerous experiments in China.  Here is a comment from Mr. Comer on Fox Business.

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Mr. Comer says Dr. Fauci will be testifying next month.

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Today:   Sunny and 80

28MADISONVILLE 0527 In Madisonville, one person is recovering from a Sunday evening automobile collision.  It was at the intersection of North Kentucky and East Arch. The police say the Chrysler driven by 58-year-old Libby Murphy of Dawson Springs ran through the stop light and collided with a Toyota Corolla.  The Chrysler flipped upside down.  It’s passenger visited the E-R.  She is 36-year-old Britanny Robinson of Dawson Springs.

15MADISONVILLE 0527 Today, transporation crews will continue to clear the state highways following the Sunday evening storm.  They also are assessing the condition of each state highway.  The three counties with the most affeccted roads are Muhlenberg, Webster, and Caldwell.

32KENTUCKY 0520 The U-S Justice Department will be investigating a Kentucky youth detention center for sexual abuse and excessive force.  : Dr. Terry Brooks with Kentucky Youth Advocates says the situation in our state’s detention centers has steadily worsened over the last decade.

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30WASHINGTON, D.C. 0523 A Washington committee headed by Senator Rand Paul is out with legislation would allow the President to take immediate action in crisis situations but would also require congressional review of presidential invocation of emergency powers that threaten the constitutional principles of separation of powers and due process.  Senator Paul says The REPUBLIC Act reins in the blank check of power presidents write themselves in the name of self-declared emergencies.

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