Hopkins County Human Society’s Pet of the Week Monday, June 19

Hatchi, a 1-year-old Siberian Husky, arrived at the shelter as a stray on May 7th and is now eagerly searching for his forever home. Despite his uncertain past, Hatchi has proven to be a friendly and sociable dog. He gets along well with other dogs, although a gradual introduction is recommended to ensure a smooth transition. Hatchi also has a fantastic temperament around children and enjoys their company. However, he may not be the best fit for a household with cats, as his interactions with them are better avoided.

Hatchi has already mastered some basic commands, demonstrating his intelligence and willingness to learn. He knows how to sit, shake paws, and lie down, which reflects his trainability and adaptability. With the right guidance and continued training, Hatchi is poised to become an even more obedient and well-behaved companion.

If you’re searching for a loyal and affectionate dog who loves the company of humans and other dogs, Hatchi could be the perfect match for your family. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide this wonderful Siberian Husky with a loving and permanent home.

 If you’re interested in adopting him you can go to our website hopkinscountyhumanesociety.com and submit an application. If you have any other questions please call us at 270-821-8965.